Travel to/from non-mainland UK

Flights that depart to or originate from locations outside Mainland UK must notify certain agencies. This can be done using the numbers, emails and forms below.

The preferred method is to notify the authorities via an online method which can be accessed at

Please note that when informing the CTU (formally known as Special Branch), you must also notify the appropriate local authority for the airfield at which you are arriving. A full list of contact numbers is contained on the GAR Form Page 3 (below).

From City Airport, the following agencies must be informed.


 Recommended as best practice

Departing to:   Arriving From:
  Special Branch Immigration
Isle of Man     
Jersey/Guernsey  Recommended  
Other EEC Countries   Recommended  
Non EEC Countries  Recommended
  Customs Special Branch Immigration
Isle of Man     
Jersey/Guernsey  Recommended  
Other EEC Countries  Recommended
Non EEC Countries  Recommended


Notification Periods

Customs:- Inbound 4 hours (24 hours if non EEC or 12hrs for Channel Islands), Outbound 24 hours

Police Counter Terrorism Unit (Special Branch):– Inbound/Outbound 12 hours notice

Immigration:– Inbound/Outbound 12 hours notice

Notification Procedure

Whilst you can notify the appropriate agencies directly, it is recommended that all notification is arranged directly through City Airport.

To do this, please download the GAR form from the link below. Once completed, please email to

Please ensure a contact telephone number is included. We will then forward your form to the appropriate agencies and notify you if we believe there is any problem.

Contact Numbers

HM Customs
Tel: 0161 2615972 and also to
Fax: 0870 240 3738 (National Customs Unit)
(or from abroad): +44 1702 294006


Border Force
North West Regional Control Desk
Tel: 0151 777 7644

Email (for all GARs):

Isle of Man CTU
Fax: 01624 628113 / 01624 631328

Tel: 0161 4895168,
Fax: 0161 4896236

General Aviation Report Forms
The editable PDF can be used for informing HM Customs, Special Branch and Immigration of your intended flight.

Gar Form (Editable)

GAR Instructions

Help and Assistance

If you are unsure as to what is required for your flight, please contact City Airport on 0161 789 1362 and we will provide assistance to ensure your obligations are met as required.

Flight Plans
For details and assistance with your Flight Plan click here.

The North West Counter Terrorism Unit encompasses the five North West England Police Forces and is committed to countering the threat posed by terrorist activity.  Greater Manchester Police Counter Terrorism Branch operates as part of the North West CTU and amongst its responsibilities, is enforcement of anti terrorism legislation at all ports within the region.  A unit within the GMP CTB commonly known as the Port Unit specialises in ensuring compliance with requirements under the Terrorism Act 2000. The Port Unit is based at Manchester International Airport and provides cover 24-hours seven days a week.  Another key function of the unit is the gathering of intelligence in relation to crime, terrorism, drug smuggling and people trafficking.

Legislation and General Aviation

Schedule 7 to the Terrorism Act 2000 requires pilots / operators to seek approval to fly from or to destinations within the Common Travel Area (Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, ROI) from non designated airfields.  Notification must be received no less than 12 hours before arrival / departure.  It is an offence to fail to comply with this requirement.

It is recommended as best practice that if flying to / from City Airport to a destination outside the CTA, that you fax or email a General Aviation Report to the Port Unit.  It is important as the owner / pilot of an aircraft, that you are aware of your responsibilities and that you comply with them.

What is Project Pegasus?

Project Pegasus delivers an enhanced ‘vigilance’ capability within the aviation communities of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, providing a hostile environment to terrorism, organised crime, and threat such as illegal immigration and smuggling.

Through enhanced criminal and counter terrorist awareness and a promotion in exchange of information an intelligence between border policing partners, our airfields and surrounding communities can continue to be a safe place to live, work and relax for all.

How does Project Pegasus work?

Project Pegasus through the provision of a central localised number, provides a mechanism for the reporting of unusual activity or behaviour within the aviation community believed or suspected to be linked to acts of terrorism or organised crime.
Whilst it is almost impossible to say with any certainty what a criminal or a terrorist might look like, an individual’s activity or behaviour can become suspicious in the context of the location they are in likewise, the unexpected or unusual presence of an aircraft or associated cargo might just cause reason for concern by those who live, work and relax in that particular environment

Project Pegasus provides a mechanism for the collation and assessment of all intelligence relating to such suspicious activity or behaviour in circumstances that could be linked to organised crime, terrorist activity or other threats to our borders. It allows for the appropriate assessment and deployment of resources from border policing partners in response to a potential or defined threat.

For more information, visit the GM Police and Project Pegasus website.

How can you help?

Intelligence collection is vital in the fight against terrorism and crime.  As experienced General Aviation practioners, you know what is normal within your environment.  If you notice anything unusual, report it to the GMP Ports Unit, the Anti-Terrorist Hotline, Crimestoppers or in an emergency use 999.  Do not involve yourself, note any suspicious vehicle / aircraft registration numbers and descriptions of persons involved.

GMP Port Unit

Tel:  0161 8560272/3

Fax: 0161 8560260



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