Noise Abatement

The noise abatement procedures set out below apply to all aircraft using the aerodrome. All times listed are local time.

  • Pilots should avoid flying over the cemetery 1/4 nm NE of the aerodrome.
  • In nil wind conditions, runway 26L/26R is the preferential runway direction.
  • Aerobatic flights will not normally take place within the Aerodrome Traffic Zone (2nm Radius of the Airport), except for special events.
  • The visual circuit patterns together with the arrival and departure routes form part of the aerodrome noise abatement procedures.
  • When using runway 20, an early right turn is permitted to reduce overflights of the flixton area. (subject to safety and aircraft performance)
  • Pilots using the aerodrome are to operate their aircraft in a manner that will cause the minimum of disruption and disturbance to local residents.

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