Out of Hours movement request

Out of hours movements are permitted by helicopters in accordance with the conditions and procedures below. ‘Out of Hours’ is defined as any time outside the standard Airport Published Hours (as published within the UK AIP)

To request an out of hours movement, please complete the details below. A response will be provided within 24 hours. If your movement is to take place within 24 hours, please call us on 0161 789 1362 and ask for the Duty Manager.

Registration: Callsign: (If different) Type:

Name of owner/operator:

Address of owner/operator:

Your Telephone:

Your Email:

Arrival Date: Estimated Arrival Time: (local)

Arriving From:

Persons on Board:

Departure Date: Estimated Departure Time: (local)

Departing to:

Persons on Board:

Fuel Required:Avgas 100LLAvgas UL91Jet A1

Please advise any transport arrangements so that we are aware of any vehicles which may be collecting/dropping passengers:

Please include any other relevant informaton, contact details or requests:

Conditions of Use of City Airport Out of Hours:-

I understand that Rescue and Fire Fighting Services will not be available (unless otherwise agreed) and the Airport will not be operated within the provision of article 92 of the Air Navigation Order (Licensing of Aerodromes).

2. I confirm that I (or the nominated pilot operating the flight above) am/are familiar with any procedures relating to operation at City Airport as published in the UK AIP, and within the City Airport Pilots Handbook (available for download from www.cityairportltd.com/pilothandbook )

3. I confirm that I have read and understood the Out of Hours Rules listed below.

4. I confirm that valid Third Party Liability Insurance is in force for the above mentioned aircraft to a minimum level to satisfy European legal requirements or to a minimum of £3,000,000 (£1,000,000 for microlights) whichever is greater, and that there is no restrictive clause in the policy against using an unlicensed aerodrome which would apply to an Out of Hours Movement.

5. I acknowledge that operations will be entirely at my own risk and that no claim will be made against City Airport Ltd or any group/company or any of their respective employees, servants and agents, in respect of any loss or damage to property, which may be suffered, whilst using the aerodrome outside licensed hours.

No waiver or claim or indemnity is sought in respect of personal injury or death, but City Airport Ltd wishes to make it clear that the company will seek to defend itself against claims for personal injury or death, arising from use of the airport outside published operating hours where it is advised that a legal defence is appropriate.

I/We confirm acceptance of the above conditions.

Please enter the characters below

Rules for use of City Airport Out of Hours.

Use of the Airport outside published hours, is subject to compliance with the following conditions:

  1. You must obtain prior permission from the Airport Duty Manager for each intended flight. You will then be advised of any restrictions in addition to those listed below. It is incumbent on the pilot to brief himself fully prior to the flight.
  2. The aircraft must carry a serviceable radio. Blind radio calls must be made when entering the ATZ, Landing, Starting, and Departing.
  3. The Aerodrome ATZ will not be in force outside published hours, therefore information relating to other aircraft or helicopter movements in the local area may not be known or available.
  4. Emergency Police and Air Ambulance helicopter movements operate outside published hours. Priority must be given to these flights at all times.
  5. No circuits or prolonged hovering is permitted on the Aerodrome without specific prior arrangement and permission.
  6. Runway lighting is provided as detailed on our procedure page.
  7. The flight only be conducted in meteorological conditions as appropriate to the Aircraft operator and PIC/licence requirements.
  8. Low over flight of built up areas around the airfield should be minimised.
  9. Pilots must be aware that bird activity may congregate on the runways or manoeuvring area or be flying in the vicinity of the airfield. Other wildlife may also be present on the airfield.
  10. Standard Landing Charges, plus Extension Fees and other services provided (ie Fuel) will be payable in connection with the flight(s) as published in the Airport Charges. Pre-quotation of charges is available by contacting the Airport Duty Manager on 0161 789 1362.
  11. At least 3 hours notice prior to published airfield closing time must be given for requests to operate out of hours. Extension requests are not automatically granted and will be subject to sufficient staffing and other operational considerations as deemed necessary.
  12. Cancellation fees will apply for a confirmed booking that is not otherwise cancelled within 2 hours prior to the published airfield closing time.
  13. Methods of Payment
    1. Cheque – Payable to City Airport Ltd
    2. Account – Please contact City Airport Administration Dept. (Note this must be set up at least 30 days prior to any requested movements and is subject to approval)
    3. Credit/Debit Card – Payment may be made during published opening hours.

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