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Fuel Price Changes

Customers are advised that with effect from 7th June 2017, the following revised prices are in effect, due to a change in price from our supplier;

Avgas 100LL – £1.42/litre plus VAT
Avgas UL91 – £1.42/litre plus VAT
Jet A1 – £0.77/litre plus VAT

Volunteer Event

Continuing our Runway Improvement works, this spring we have completed yet further surface re-grading of our Runways and taxyways, bringing both safety and drainage improvements to the surface.

Due to the airfield being built on a former tip we now have an additional task to remove various pieces of rubble that are brought to the surface by the grading process.

We are therefore calling on willing volunteers to help us gather a team together for a ‘rubble picking’ evening on Tuesday 6th June from 6.30pm through till sunset. Gloves and buckets will be provided, and in addition we will provide a BBQ  and hot drinks courtesy of our Runway 26 Cafe/Bar for all those taking part in return for the help.

It also provides a great opportunity to be part of the continuing phase of the most significant runway improvement works to taking place at City Airport in many years.

To apply to volunteer, please complete the form below. We will send an email to everyone about 2 days before the event with further details.

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Fuel price changes

Customers are advised that with effect from 4th May 2017, the following revised prices are in effect, due to a change in price from our supplier;

Avgas 100LL – £1.46/litre plus VAT
Avgas UL91 – £1.46/litre plus VAT
Jet A1 – £0.79/litre plus VAT

Fuel Price Changes

Customers are advised that with effect from 9th April 2017, the following revised prices are in effect, due to a change in price from our supplier;

Avgas 100LL – £1.44/litre plus VAT
Avgas UL91 – £1.44/litre plus VAT
Jet A1 – £0.79/litre plus VAT

Drone flying near City Airport

This evening a DJI Phantom Drone similar to this one pictured was flown from a point around 1/4 mile East of our Airfield, at 3-400ft over the airfield passing overhead a helicopter that was hover training, and in front of an aircraft taking off. The drone continued past the airfield and a few minutes later flew back over. Aircraft movements were then stopped whilst the drone remained visible in the vicinity. 

The drone had not been given permission to undertake this flight within our Air Traffic Airspace, and by doing so the user of this drone recklessly endangered the safety of aircraft using our airfield. This has been reported to the Police. 

We will actively pursue prosecution of any user of a drone in our airspace that endangers aircraft using our airport as this is completely unacceptable. 

If anyone in our local community is aware of anyone who owns such a drone, we ask that they are made aware of the dangers of using a drone close to an active airport. We publish guidance on our website and ask anyone who owns a drone who wishes to enjoy their hobby to follow our guidance.

Airfield runway improvements works

Many of our regular flyers will have noticed part of our Runway and Taxyway turning yellow.  This area forms part of our planned works to continue to re-grade and improve the grass surfaces here at the airport.

From Monday 10th April, these areas will be dug up and regraded in sections. During these works there may be some disruption and limitations to flying activity to assist in the work completion. It will be important therefore that pilot’s refer to NOTAMs and the ATIS prior to flight to ensure that departures and arrivals are planned to coincide with any temporary closures or slot times available. The ATIS will display the current day’s procedures.

You can view the ATIS here:

It will be important to ensure that the correct Runway is identified and used for take-off and landing, and correct temporary taxi routes are followed. If in doubt, always ask the FISO for advise/instructions as necessary.

Further details are contained within the Operations Notice below. We thank you for your co-operation during these works which will ultimately be to the benefit of all pilots using the airfield.

Improvements at City Airport

We’ve had a mixed but positive start to 2017, and although the winter weather poses its usual challenges, We’d like to take a moment to give an overview of our plans this year.
In December 2016 we undertook our annual Customer Survey.  This year we had over 250 responses. Overwhelmingly we received positive feedback, this year more than ever before, reflecting on the various improvements we continue to make to the airfield and the facilities we provide.
However, this does not mean that we are standing still. We have more improvements than ever planned and I’ll provide a short summary of these here;
Just over two years ago, we took over the management of the Airfield’s Cafe. Now renamed as Runway 26, we’ve succeeded in meeting our objectives to return the facility to a more open, customer friendly environment, welcoming and encouraging more public visitors as well as providing the facilities that pilot’s desire.  However, our continued development of the facility is not yet complete.  We will soon be re-introducing a new improved play frame for our family visitors. We will be installing new heating to help boost the inside temperatures during the colder months and installing a new flooring and providing additional seating. Most importantly of all, we will be renovating the toilet facilities to increase capacity and modernise. Lastly, for several years the facility has been closed on Mondays. This will be no longer the case, and we are pleased to announce that as from Monday 27th March, Runway 26 will be open 7 days a week permanently.
In recent years, we have invested significant expenditure in providing improvements to our main runways. In 2016, runway 08L/26R was re-declared with improved licensed distances, and the entire runway length was re-graded, creating a massively improved smooth grass surface. This has also firmed up the surface making for a more durable surface.
This year, commencing within a few weeks, we will be re-grading the largest amount of work yet in any given year. This will entail grading an additional section of Runway 08R/26L, grading the entire taxiway from B1 hold to B3 hold, a section of runway 14/32 and an area adjacent to the fuel tank Installation by the tower. A separate Operations Notice will be published shortly describing some temporary procedures and restrictions to accommodate the works.
In recent weeks, we have seen a tremendous amount of rainfall.  In fact just recently we had over 12mm of rainfall within 24 hours and in the last 7 days we have seen over 3 weeks average rainfall. This has unfortunately resulted in extensive flooding causing our runways to be closed for fixed winged use. However, we do have an extensive network of drains and once the rains ease off, we do see a very quick recovery providing the rain holds off, allowing our drainage to do its work.  Later this year, we plan to install further drains in key areas which will continue  to increase this recovery time. This combined with the improved graded and firmer surface will continue to provide us with a durable runway condition as best can be expected from a grass surface.
Even with the above improvements, we can confirm that our longer term aim is to install ‘Perfo’ re-enforcement matting to Runway 08L/26R, and the grading and drainage works are part of our preparatory plan to get the surface ready to accept this matting.  This will provide us with an all weather runway, further reducing restrictions and improving safety performance.
Lastly, many will be aware of the plans for a new Hangar at the airfield. This will replace Hangar 2, at the rear of Runway 26 Café, with a much larger facility, allowing us to accommodate additional aircraft that are presently residing on our waiting list as well as providing additional office space for let. We fully anticipate this project to complete during 2017.
These developments will provide additional income in the airfield, which will ensure that we can provide a viable business model for the airfield ensuring its continuing ability to prosper as a premier General Aviation facility within the North West.

Stay tuned to our Social Media for regular updates on our activities.
We very much look forward to an exciting year ahead and we wish all our customers a safe and enjoyable year.

Fuel Price Changes

Customers are advised that with effect from 3rd March 2017, the following revised prices are in effect, due to a change in price from our supplier;

Avgas 100LL – £1.47/litre plus VAT
Avgas UL91 – £1.47/litre plus VAT
Jet A1 – £0.80/litre plus VAT

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