Airfield runway improvements works

Airfield runway improvements works

Many of our regular flyers will have noticed part of our Runway and Taxyway turning yellow.  This area forms part of our planned works to continue to re-grade and improve the grass surfaces here at the airport.

From Monday 10th April, these areas will be dug up and regraded in sections. During these works there may be some disruption and limitations to flying activity to assist in the work completion. It will be important therefore that pilot’s refer to NOTAMs and the ATIS prior to flight to ensure that departures and arrivals are planned to coincide with any temporary closures or slot times available. The ATIS will display the current day’s procedures.

You can view the ATIS here:

It will be important to ensure that the correct Runway is identified and used for take-off and landing, and correct temporary taxi routes are followed. If in doubt, always ask the FISO for advise/instructions as necessary.

Further details are contained within the Operations Notice below. We thank you for your co-operation during these works which will ultimately be to the benefit of all pilots using the airfield.

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