Drone flying near City Airport

Drone flying near City Airport

This evening a DJI Phantom Drone similar to this one pictured was flown from a point around 1/4 mile East of our Airfield, at 3-400ft over the airfield passing overhead a helicopter that was hover training, and in front of an aircraft taking off. The drone continued past the airfield and a few minutes later flew back over. Aircraft movements were then stopped whilst the drone remained visible in the vicinity. 

The drone had not been given permission to undertake this flight within our Air Traffic Airspace, and by doing so the user of this drone recklessly endangered the safety of aircraft using our airfield. This has been reported to the Police. 

We will actively pursue prosecution of any user of a drone in our airspace that endangers aircraft using our airport as this is completely unacceptable. 

If anyone in our local community is aware of anyone who owns such a drone, we ask that they are made aware of the dangers of using a drone close to an active airport. We publish guidance on our website and ask anyone who owns a drone who wishes to enjoy their hobby to follow our guidance. 


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