Obstacle Authorisation Request

To protect the safety of aircraft operating from the airport, temporary obstacles such as cranes should not be used above the surrounding trees/structures within 3 miles of City Airport without authorisation from the Airport Authority.

A request should be made at least one month before the obstacle is raised, as sometimes other bodies may have to be consulted. If less than one months notice is given, the request may be declined.

Please note that once these details have been considered it will be determined whether the obstacle can be approved and whether restrictions will apply. Any of the following may be imposed to ensure the safety of aircraft using the airport;

  • The fitting of obstacle lights
  • Restrictions on operating times
  • Operations dependant upon Runway requirements
  • Restrictions on operating height
  • Restrictions during poor visiblity

To complete an application for an Obstacle Authorisation, please complete the form below. If less then 5 days notice is being given, please contact the Airport Duty Manager on 0161 789 1362 prior to completing this form.

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