Noise Complaints

City Airport Ltd are committed to ensuring that the operation of the airport does not adversely affect the local community. We take all feedback and comments we receive very seriously and will always make every effort to resolve any issues.

If you wish to contact us regarding a particular issue of concern, please give as much detail as possible, including the nature of the concern, any relevant dates and times and any other appropriate information.

If your concern is noise related, you may wish to view our Noise Policy.

Feedback to us regarding aircraft noise should include the following information, which will allow us to thoroughly investigate your concern;

a) Your Name
b) Your Address
c) Contact Telephone/Email
d) Date of Incident
e) Accurate time of incident
f) Location of Incident (if different from above address)
g) Details of complaint (including aircraft registration or markings/description)
h) Indicate whether you require a reply

For contact details, please click here.

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