Operating hours and booking procedure

The Heliport is available for use as follows;

Winter – between 0900 and sunset and by arrangement.
Summer – between 0815 and sunset or 8pm (whichever is sooner) and by arrangement. 

At other times, Out of Hours approval is required.

The Heliport is normally closed on 25th, 26th December and 1st January and will close at 15:00 on 24th and 31st December.

Please note that PPR is required at least 3 hours before arrival during the above times. Outside these times, at least 24hrs notice is required. A pre-booking slot system is in place at the Heliport. To obtain PPR. call us on 0161 789 1362.

The Heliport is not available for helicopters that require the use of a licensed facility. Outside the normal operating hours of the Airport, no Rescue and Fire Fighting Service is available.

Extended Operating Hours (By prior arrangement)

Outside the above operating hours, at least 24hrs notice is required. By arrangement. Additional charges may apply for movements that are outside the Airport Opening hours. To request an out of hours movement please contact us using this request form.


Toilets, including disabled are available within the Heliport. A Lounge is provided for the use of passengers and aircrew and includes complementary drinks and refreshments, Television and Wi-Fi internet access.


Access to City Heliport is controlled and restricted. 24hour security is provided.

Customs and Immigration

City Heliport operates as part of City Airport (Manchester Barton), under a Certificate of Agreement for General Aviation Aerodromes.

The main responsibility for supply of information to the UK Border Agency (Immigration), HM Revenue and Customs and the UK Police Forces Ports Office lies with the pilot or aircraft operator.

However as a Certificate of Agreement aerodrome City Airport Ltd is required to log and independently supply the same information to the relevant authorities. Therefore operators should ensure that full aircraft, flight, passenger and crew details are provided for all non-mainland UK flights.

City Heliport Layout

The Heliport is located on the South West corner of City Airport. The apron is hard standing with a concrete square provided for fuelling. A vehicle access road crosses the apron which is controlled during helicopter manoeuvres.

There are two windsock indicators on the main airfield, one of which – on the western side of the main airfield is lit and is visible from the heliport apron. An additional (lit) windsock on the hangar adjacent to the Heliport.


Night Operations – Approved Pilots

Please note that prior to operating into the Heliport during night time, pilot’s must first have visited the Heliport during daylight hours to ensure familiarity with the landing area and surrounding obstacles and night procedures.

Arrival Procedures

All arrivals and departures to the City Heliport during the main airfield operating hours are co-ordinated by ‘Barton Information’ on 120.250MHz.  The following procedures apply,

  • During daylight hours, all arrivals and departures should be made initially to the main airfield, using existing procedures outlined in the UK AIP. Helicopters should then air-taxy via the ‘D1’ hold to the Heliport as instructed by ‘Barton Information’.
  • Note that the grass taxiway from ‘D1’ to the Heliport is not graded and should not be used for Ground Taxy. Caution is advised air taxying adjacent to a perimeter 2.5m fence (lit at night).
  • During night-time hours, all arrivals and departures should be made initially to the area indicated on the chart and then air taxy via ‘D1’ to the Heliport. A set of 6 portable lights are normally displayed in the area marked on the diagram. Air taxyway ‘Delta’ is marked with reflective markers leading to the Heliport apron. Operations at night, and R/T procedures outside the normal airfield operational hours will be briefed when obtaining PPR.


  • During daylight hours aircrew must first book out with ATC on 0161 789 1362, or via the Heliport Reception.
  • During daylight hours aircrew should advise ‘Barton Information’ when starting.
  • Once permission to air taxy is obtained, helicopters should air taxy to ‘D1’ or as instructed, and should use Runway 08/26 for Departure unless otherwise advised.


Permission is required for all manoeuvring. Marshalling signals may be provided as required / upon request.

The Greater Manchester Police Helicopter operates from the adjacent facility, plus an Air Ambulance Helicopter on the main airport site. Helicopters should at all times give precedence to the Police Helicopter and Air Ambulance, or as instructed by the Duty FISO.


Aircrew are responsible for the conduct and escorting of their own passengers. Assistance will be provided upon request.


Jet A1 fuel is available on request. All passengers must disembark during helicopter fueling.

Rotors Running Refuels may be available, subject to staffing – please enquire when requesting PPR.

Mobile Telephones

The use of mobile phones within the immediate vicinity of the Fueling Facility, and on board any helicopter engaged in fueling is strictly prohibited.


All areas airside and within the Heliport building are no smoking. Smoking is permitted only in the main car park area at the front of the Heliport.

Airport Terms and Conditions

All helicopter movements at City Airport & Heliport are subject to the Airport Terms and Conditions. Copies available on request.

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