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Contact Chris Barden
: 01829 752732

G-BTRT, Barton based none turbo Piper Arrow 2. 200 hp fuel injected retractable. Stable group dating back to 1985. Several members have reached a time when they are obliged to consider retiring from flying, making shares available for sale.
Very well equipped avionics, Garmin 430, Modes S level 2 (For flight in airways). 8.33khz. Auto pilot. Disposable load 909 lbs, which can be carried out of Barton, as long as temperature not too high.
Suits all from inexperienced PPL to instrument rated professional. 130 kt cruise at FL100 but simple to fly at slow speeds like a Warrior.
Group has other equipment such as life jackets, PLB. Foreign holiday trips no problem. Group can assist less experienced pilots on joining. E mail for full details.
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