Projects and Development

Manchester Ship Canal Developments (a joint venture between Peel and Manchester City Council), acquired the Airport in 2002. Since MSCD become owners of the airport more than £0.25 million has been invested in new facilities.

The site owners have ambitions for City Airport to be developed to its full potential and to grow the business aviation activities encouraging an increasing number of organisations and individuals to use the airport.

Continued investment in City Airport is underway to further promote the airfield for business and general aviation use allowing the users to benefit from the easy access to Manchester City Centre and the surrounding regions.

Current projects in the pipeline include;

  • Completion of internal link road between Airport and Heliport facility.
    This will allow us to improve efficiencies between the two facilities
  • Refurbishment of Modular Building.
    The Blue cabins are undergoing a refurbishment programme. The first tenant, LAC Flying School takes up residency in January 2016 with further tenants in the process of registering.
  • Refurbishment of Terminal Building.
    The brick building at the entrance to the Airport (formally the original ‘Manchester Airport’ Terminal building, will be refurbished during 2016 as part of a charity project.
  • Site landscaping and signage improvements
    Continued improvements are scheduled throughout 2016 and beyond.
  • New Aircraft Hangarage
    Provision of a new (relocated) Hangar facility will provide capacity for a larger number of aircraft.
  • Continued improvements to the runway surfaces including additional drainage and grading works.
    Further runway grading, drainage installations is planned to take place during 2016. Once these works are completed, a further project to install re-enforcement matting is being developed.

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